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I have been driven all my life to build new and innovative projects. Dreams keep us fresh, and give us hope for the future. I have been driven by two great principles: do new things but do them well, and do things that will help the country and the people. Starting in construction and engineering, Gemcon today operates in sectors as diverse as seafood and retail, organics and education. Among our many innovations, I am especially proud that we brought the first SPC Poles technology, created the first internationally-certified organic tea garden, and introduced the notion of a Liberal Arts university education to Bangladesh. In terms of service, we have created four thousand new jobs in just the last decade, and we did so with social and environmental responsibility as a priority. All this has been possible because of the employees, who over the years have supported, encouraged, and dedicated themselves to the dream. Gemcon will continue to invest in this country and its people; that is our mission.

  Kazi Shahid Ahmed




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