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Gemcon Group recognizes that the health and vitality of nature and the surrounding communities is integral to their mutual and long-term prosperity. This is why Gemcon has not only fostered traditional charities, such as schools and orphanages, but increasingly works directly with its neighbors. For instance, Kazi and Kazi Tea Estate's Dairy Co-operative is transforming the lives of its thousand-plus members, while also providing crucial raw materials to the garden. The company engages in a number of other programs across the country, ranging from adult literacy to sports for the young.

Community empowerment: One of our centres in Panchagarh
Adult Literacy Program

Gemcon Group runs an adult literacy program to educate the female workers in Panchagarh. Workers of the tea garden are taught how to read and write, during paid work-hours. Related programs focus on health and hygiene awareness. Hundreds of workers have gone through these programs over the years.

IT Education

Gemcon runs an IT program for young high-school students in the area. Up to 30 students are enrolled in this program at a time, which is provided free of cost.



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